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2017 Nilfisk/Advance SC750 ST28C This item has 1 photo.

Serial Number: 4000127674
Availability: Used
Stock Number: 3EQ10990
Description: wide variety of brushes


2016 Advance SC 500 D This item has 1 photo.

Serial Number: 3510163102016
Availability: Used
Stock Number: 3EQ10882


2015 Advance ADFINITY X20C This item has 1 photo.

Serial Number: 3510153406077
Availability: Used
Stock Number: 3EQ10589
Description: dfinity™ traction-drive scrubbers feature pushbutton forward and reverse, and our exclusive One-Touch™ ergonomic control paddle for easy, safe operation. Adfinity delivers effortless maintenance and operation. Our unique “click on” brushes enable fast and easy changeovers. All Adfinity scrubber models allow easy access to the battery, the recovery tank, and, where applicable, the detergent dispensing system. Scrub paths range from 20 to 24 inches, and a standard onboard charger allows battery recharge at any available electrical outlet. Adfinity scrubbers fall well within safe sound level requirements for daytime cleaning in any facility, as set by LEED-EB and GS-42.

3 items found, displaying all items.1